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Someone what asking what do you put in a personal website, and it is a shame I can’t remember / find where it was.

My answer was in the lines of just put together stuff about the things that you are interested in. And lately I have been thinking that this has been my personal website since 2002, but perhaps it doesn’t feel like it now.

My homepage in 2002

This was my personal website in 2002; I'm mildly ashamed that I didn't know how to write my nickname!

In my last re-design –that’s something you do to your personal website every now and then–, moving from a dynamic site managed with Django, I put my games front and centre. Perhaps that is why it doesn’t look that much like a personal website.

In reality, my notes section –that I added as result of my thoughts on digital gardens– is what feels more like a personal website. It is mostly work in progress content about things that are interesting to me right now, like for example my experiments with Sinclair BASIC.

This is all subjective, really. May be what for me is a personal website is not what a personal website is for you, but in any case, I think it is important that there are people discussing these topics, and hopefully doing something about it. That is how we escape the big tech companies of 2.0 and their enshittification –my local dictionary didn’t recognise the neologism, so I added it because it is here to stay–.

It is refreshing to click on the surprise link of Wiby and get a different 1.0 website every time, and is not just because of nostalgia, but because all that information should have never been a Facebook page, for example.

And the excuse is not that things cost money and you have to give your freedom away –or become the product–, because you can always find free hosting –and also learn something–.

These are a couple of options that I recommend:

  • part of the tildeverse it is a very welcoming community where is very easy to create an account and host your website.
  • Neocities: is it a social network? I guess the original Geocities was a bit like that too. I prefer the club; but this is probably easier to get started.

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