Open Source

DAN64, an AVR based 8-bit microcomputer

DAN64 is a open software and open hardware project to build an 8-bit microcomputer using an AVR microcontroller.


Hosted Somewhere Else

You can always check my repos on GitHub, but some interesting projects are:

  • pysdl2-harness: some simple classes to make working with pysdl2 easier.
  • sms-cart-32k: a simple Sega Master System cartridge (32k, no banks).
  • pyglet-pak: helper script to package pyglet games.
  • ftp-cloudfs: FTP interface to OpenStack Object Storage.
  • sftpcloudfs: SFTP interface to OpenStack Object Storage.
  • swift-nbd-server: a NBD server for OpenStack Object Storage.
  • c64-pixel-tools: tools to convert PNG images into sprites and tilesets to be used by the Commodore 64.
  • msx-pixel-tools: some tools to process MSX sprites and tilesets.
  • z80count: a tool to parse Z80 assembler and count the amount of cycles used by the instructions.