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The Return of Traxtor for DOS released!

According to git, it has been 12 days –not really, because this is when I have free time–, and 15972 bytes in total. The Return of Traxtor for DOS is now available to download!

The game in action

The game plays nice on an Amstrad PC1512, the GIF is not accurate

It has less colors than the Amstrad CPC version –and no music, even if the PC speaker sound effects are kind of cute–, but it plays really well. Probably the most playable of all the versions, in my humble opinion. And possibly, the less buggy as well.

The CGA is fun to program, and I’m very impressed by IA16 GCC. I wouldn’t mind making another game for the original IBM PC, but not sure if it is worth it. For whatever reason, this early age of PC gaming isn’t that appreciated. And I’m not sure is just the CGA palette.

I may try the middle ground: find out how to program the EGA and add some Ad-Lib music!

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