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This week in gamedev #2

It looks like it’s Thursday again, and that means gamedev update!

I spent probably too much time to get this blog and the website in order. Mostly getting the light/dark themes to behave, some CSS here and there, and after torturing a bit my Hugo templates, I think it is “perfect™” now.

And there was some time for gamedev as well, of course.

Brick Rick: Graveyard Shift

I finished the music, and posted a WIP of it. The music is not exactly like that any more, that’s the WIP spirit right there.

There was more testing. My good friend Antxiko is doing a great job and found some behaviour that had to be improved in the pause code, and that’s done. We will keep testing a bit more, although at this point I feel like playing the game just for fun because this is “release candidate” quality already.

The cover artist provided a first draft, and I love it. I’m looking forward to have something final so I can show it.

I’ve been told that it wasn’t intentional, but to me the cover art feels a bit less cartoony than the Amstrad CPC cover. The sprites look less chibi on the speccy, and I changed the style slightly, so it could be that or just a happy accident.

I had a chat with the other artist that is going to work on the loading screen, to double check what is needed. At the end it will be better if he has something that is as final as possible as it will be in the inlay (including the lettering of the title).

I’m not really in control of the times, but I suspect we could be 2 or 3 weeks away from the release. Watch this space!

Better Windows support in ubox MSX libs

~mk~, user of MSX Resource Center, has been trying to make the ubox MSX libs compile on Windows.

After some back and forth –I don’t have a Windows system to test the changes–, it looks like he managed to compile the libraries, the tools and the example game. Great success!

I released version 1.1.4, once again without testing the changes myself. At least they don’t break anything on Linux, so perhaps this is the release that solves all the problems on Windows (or it only requires minimal tweaks).

And that’s all for this week in gamedev.

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