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This week in gamedev #15

This week should be more DevOps than gamedev, but for obvious reasons –it is a series!–, I’m keeping the name.

I’m in the middle of reworking my personal server infrastructure. As result of my time at Memset I still enjoy one of their ex-employee perks –a free VPS!–, but the company was acquired and sadly the future is uncertain. It is still the same company I knew, to some capacity at least, but I don’t feel completely comfortable having critical services in there without being a customer.

I have decided to double down on Digital Ocean –I already had a box with them–, basically because I can get nice features for free, like a VPC between my machines in the same zone. It is cheap, perhaps some things are not as good as the stuff I built back at Memset, but I got to the conclusion that the pros outweigh the cons.

So I’ve been using a good amount of my free time to plan, setup, migrate, etc; and I’m not finished, but getting there.

On the dev side of things, after I released a bugfix version of SpaceBeans –my Gemini server–, I worked a bit more in my “Cherrygrove City Pokémon Center” CGI script and released it as open source. And now I realise that is only available in Gemini. Oh, well; it is not too exciting –in fact it is really a pokedex, not a Pokémon Center–, but it was interesting making a CGI using plain Python base library, without any fancy abstractions –I used to work a lot with Django–.

Anyway, not a big update, but sometimes that’s life. I’m planning to start combat in my unamed CRPG game, that definitely needs a name, when I clear a bit my DevOps backlog.

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