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Side quests

Someone commented on my development thread on CPC wiki about the “unnamed CRPG game”:

Looking great already, and as it’s my favourite genre, and rather under-represented in modern gamedev, I sincerely hope you can get it over the finishing line. But I can imagine it might be a long and arduous quest :)

And they are right. However, the problem in my opinion are the side quests. There are so many things to do, and so many things you could do, that is easy to lose focus and get distracted. And that can contribute to the game never getting over the finishing line.

Besides, there are things that I may want to do out of this project –like last’s week important Spacebeans 1.3.0 release–. And because it is a project that will take a long time, I think I must learn to re-heat it when it goes cold.

Which may be just a consequence of how I have been doing gamedev for last few years: intense and ultra-focused on one project. Once I have started a good project, I don’t work on anything else until is finished, and considering this is low priority free time activity, it means perhaps a small-ish game needs 3 months. So I need to learn to do things differently with a potentially large project, and it is going to be hard.

Anyway, there was no “this week in gamedev” last week, but I had a few side quests and there was progress. The text wall scrolls nicely –not really “scroll” but a mid-step that looks great–, revamped controls a bit to support two buttons joystick and allow a bit of “console” control –that works very well with my menus–, and added more content to the disc –quickstart party!–.

The game still needs a name, but I’m working on it!

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