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This week in gamedev #12

Not much to talk about this week, but I thought I would drop a quick note.

First of all, and primary reason why I haven’t done too much gamedev in the last week, I have released a new version of my Gemini server: SpaceBeans.

This release adds classic CGI support, as described in RFC-3875 and slightly adapted to Gemini. For this feature, the obvious inspiration is Jetforce, that is my favourite Gemini server. Instead of coming with my own take on CGI on Gemini, I decided to be mostly compatible with Jetforce, hoping that the more services support things in the same way, the closer we will be to a “standard”. You shouldn’t need to write your CGIs in a specific way to work on a specific server.

I know I wanted to implement SCGI, but classic CGI is simpler and still useful, so I decided to support it first and then, later on, potentially look again at SCGI.

I think I’m happy with the code and the test coverage, although there are some potential improvements that I want to make in a couple of weeks or so. As it is, I think it is usable –although I don’t think anyone is using the server, anyway–.

Then there is gamedev, or perhaps the lack of it.

I haven’t been too inspired. I need some time to think about a clear direction for “Outpost”, because I thought I would get up to speed with the level design, but I’m a bit blocked –sort of writer’s block I guess–. I may continue drawing graphics, but until I have a good plan, the project is a risk of not happening.

Which takes me to another project that is stuck, the CRPG that I’ve been mentioned previously here.

I’m still looking for a formula that I’m happy with and that I’m confident that I can implement on a 8-bit system in a way that I’m happy with it –I have been suggested that perhaps I should target a modern platform, with more or less classic restrictions–.

If I only made games for one 8-bit system, deciding this would be easy, but is not the case. So that means I’m no necessarily looking at the MSX 1 –you heard it here first!–, but it is too soon to talk more about it.

Yes, this update is not too exciting. I will be on holidays next week, that is probably what I need right now!

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