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A new wild project appears

I have mentioned it here a few times, that I was doing research related to a CRPG –Computer Role-Playing Game, which is how western-style classic RPGs are usually labelled–, and I finally decided to get something started.

Well, the truth is that is not the first time I started a project like that –some people may remember “Tales of Dunegon”, a false start a few years ago–, but I think this time I have something defined enough so there are chances I will end with a game.

I am not very good planing my gamedev projects. Although I do some planing, it is not very formal. Rarely I even bother to write a design document, even if sometimes I have a TODO checklist when I’m close to the end of the project, just to ensure I’m not forgetting anything.

And it is because the games I’ve been producing for the last few years are essentially simple –I have joked sometimes that they are the same game–; very mechanics focused and using the same basic components, so I tend to keep all in my head.

But an RPG is not one of those projects. It is complicated, or at least that is what I think. So I have tried to split it in sub-systems, hoping that it will make the problem more manageable (divide-and-conquer approach).

I’m not a CRPG expert, so I have decided to study some games I like to try to understand why I think they work, so I can reproduce that formula.

WIP screen

Not much to show so far

If you follow me on Twitter and have seen some of my posts, you probably know already that I like the Ultima series, and I’m going to borrow from there –and other games–.

I still don’t have a name, and other than the Ultima inspiration, I have decided:

  • I’d love to implement unofficially D&D rules, probably some of the Open Game License rules. I like the “White Box” ruleset, from the OSR movement. It is emulating rules from the original 1974 edition of D&D, with a few improvements.
  • I finally decided to go with the Amstrad CPC –because drawing the graphics is easier for me–, with 64K initially and targeting disc –I need to load/save data–. I may look at modern cartridge solutions like the Dandanator, or even use 128K, but initially 64K and M4 board compatible would be my preference.
  • I want to have the engine first, so if all goes well, I may release a first game that won’t be large. This would allow testing the engine, and later on I may iterate with other games. This is a long time commitment!
  • I’m making the game for myself, because I want and, hopefully, because I can!

And it should be hard, but not impossible. One subsystem at a time, and I’ll try to write some bits here as I progress in my journey.

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