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I started this blog over a year ago, and I mentioned in the first post that it was a work in progress. There was at least something that was likely I wanted to do, but I thought it was not important: make the posts’ tags visible.

Which is basically making Hugo render special pages listing posts with a specific tag. Although at the end, the motivation to add the functionality goes beyond the usual functionality of a weblog.

This site was a personal website before I added my personal log, and I implemented it with Hugo moving from my old Django managed website. I had a good amount of content I wanted to sort and classify, even if some of that content was very old –circa 2002–. I wanted to present all that information initially, and perhaps decide later if I wanted to get rid of some of it.

So I thought I could use tags, and that worked well to make the main index pages linked in the menu on the top of the pages. However, is not ideal because I ended with one large archive with basically anything I couldn’t put in any of the other sections.

I could just use those tags to navigate blog posts, but considering that everything is already tagged, I have decided to expose tags in all pages, hoping that it would improve navigation.

Now you can click on the tag names in any post –under the post title; this post is tagged blog–, and any other page that has tags will show them at the bottom after the last updated information. For example all ZX Spectrum tagged pages.

I’m not sure how much is this going to improve things as it is still mostly disconnected pages, only that now they are indexed by tag. The more I think about it, the more this should look like a wiki, where you can see incoming links and recently updated pages as well, but that’s probably something to explore at a different time.

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