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Hello, blog

This is the first post on this blog, exciting!

Really? Are blogs still exciting in 2021? Well, I think they are, even if not as popular as they used to be, specially compared with social media. I’m convinced there are blogs worth reading out there.

I also think there’s value in writing a blog, in my case to document my projects, and as a way to somehow untangle my thoughts when I have something to say.

Which is what I was doing, more or less, on Twitter. Until recently, that I decided to review how I use that social network. With current COVID situation (and working from home), I found that the always on of Twitter was starting to affect my ability to switch off, and it was an easy gateway to procrastination and losing my scarce free time to get things done.

I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do with my Twitter account, because I have 2400+ followers, and that is very useful when I want to promote one of my games. It’ll be just that I’m not going to be there.

As you may know, I already write in a blog in Spanish that I’ve been writing since 2003 (that’s 18 years already!), but I wanted to do some things differently:

  • I want to have the blog as part of this site.
  • because this site is generated with Hugo, I won’t be using a full featured CMS.
  • write in English, as I was doing on Twitter.

So, what is this going to be about? I suspect it’s going to be similar to what I used to write on Twitter: about my gamedev projects, with some WIP content, about Open Source and technology, perhaps some commentary on news, and likely to have more lengthy writings as well, because this is a blog after all!

The blog is currently a bit work in progress, and I may add more things as I think I need them (like making the posts’ tags visible). But for now, this is a good first post.

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