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Retrogamedev IRC channel

I have been looking for IRC channels related to game development for a while, and I have found a few that are active, for example:

Then there are channels related to more or less retro-computing, that will discuss development (like #dosgameclub on AfterNET), but that was a bit hit and miss, or very focused on one specific system.

Long story short, all seems to be on Discord or, depending on the country, Telegram. So I was accepting defeat until I thought that perhaps I could start an IRC channel. And finally #retrogamedev on Libera happened.

Not that I have idea of IRC admin, but it is about hanging out and have a place to ask questions, share projects –including work in progress– and get inspired by fellow developers. Any system, from 8-bit to 64-bit –or whatever, as long as you consider it is retro enough–.

It is about socialising and building community around a very niche type of development.

Arguably we could have used XMPP or Matrix, but I feel like those two options may have less popularity than IRC or, at least, the subset of people already familiar with IRC and interested in retro gamedev may be larger.

So if you are interested on the topic, don’t hesitate to join us!

Would you like to discuss the post? You can send me an email!