The #retrogamedev IRC channel at Libera is a friendly place to:



Why not Discord/Telegram Group/other instead of IRC?

Those are valid options, if you don’t mind using a proprietary protocol controlled by a for profit company. IRC is a simple and open protocol supported by lots of tools with many different clients aimed to different kinds of users and, more importantly, not controlled by a single entity.

Matrix and XMPP are good options as well, but we are focusing on IRC at this time.

Is there a code of conduct?

Not officially, but we can agree on a few points:

Can I promote my game in the channel?

Yes, you can! Promoting your projects, completed on in progress, is encouraged. Just don’t make it in a way that could be perceived as spam.

Is the channel focused on a specific system?

No, is not. All retro game development is welcome! The definition of what qualifies as retro is a bit tricky, though. In doubt, just assume it is OK.

How do I share code snippets, screenshots, etc on the channel?

You can use, for example:

If you have a Mastodon account, you can use it to share images / short videos as well.

Do you have a link that could be included here? Please let us know!





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