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Graveyard Shift

Finally, Brick Rick: Graveyard Shift has been released!

The initial import to the git repo was on October 1st 2020, and I tend to do that as soon as possible because my backup is git! If the latest pure development commit was on February 2nd 2021, that was around 4 months.

Physical edition, by Tim Drew

Look at this!

As I mentioned here, the physical edition delayed things, and last Saturday I finally made the game public.

So far the reception has been excellent, I’m happy!

Some reactions:

This is the first long-play that I know of –warning: spoilers–. A quote from the review:

It is tough to come up with something new when it comes to platform games, but this one seems to be rather special for the Spectrum scene. It is a huge and challenging game where you will need to play tactical to defeat the different type of monsters.

The final score is 90%, which is pretty good.

Releasing software is always stressful, there’s no much difference to what I do in my day job, but it wasn’t too bad. Two early bugs that were easy to fix, and it looks like that will be it.

May be software is rarely bug-free, but I call it success if there are no known bugs!

I’ve been thinking how I can unit-test a big part of the code, and my next project hopefully will be verified in a better way, instead of relaying on manual testing only –oh, my games are always very well tested and yet!–. In fact on all my recent projects I’ve settled in a structure that splits logic and presentation (update vs draw), so it sounds possible; and at very least writing the tests will force me to have a deeper look at the code, meaning: less mistakes.

Anyway, go an grab the game. It is fun! And if you have the real hardware and fancy collecting, you can treat yourself with a TFW8b 499 copy.

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