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This week in gamedev #4

It is Thursday and, if you were paying attention, last week there was no gamedev update.

Life is sometimes busy, and you know I have been a bit intense with my Gemini server. Considering that I can do only one thing at a time (mostly), I haven’t progressed any of my new projects, and I was waiting on some things for Graveyard Shift.

And good news: the cover is ready, the inlay design is ready, the loading screen is almost ready, so what is left?

Cover art

The cover art is fantastic!

I need to write a short press release to be sent to a handful of specialised websites that cover retro-gaming, and that’s pretty much it.

When I have the loading screen, I will assemble a release candidate. There will be some last minute smoke tests, and finally release; likely next weekend.

I always prefer waiting a few days before sending a master to the publisher, so expect the physical release to be out from one to two weeks after the release. Remember tfw8b, 499 range.

Now, is not 100% accurate that I haven’t done anything else related to gamedev, but let’s keep it a secret for a bit longer, shall we?

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