The Legend of Traxtor

This is a puzzle game developed for #gbjam 3 (Game Boy themed game jam limited to 160x144 resolution and 4 colours) and got #21 position in the overall rank.

This is also July’s game of my one game a month challenge.



The game requires OpenGL 2.0. Joysticks/gamepads are supported, although the game can be played with the keyboard just fine!


  • Left and right arrows to move the spaceship.
  • Down arrow to use the tractor beam (adds a tile to the bay).
  • Up arrow or Z to fire the top-most tile in the bay.

Press ESC to pause/quit the game.


Uncompress the ZIP file and run “traxtor.exe”.

Ubuntu Trusty

Install the package and its dependencies and a Legend of Traxtor icon will be added to your games section.

ZX Spectrum 48k

I made a conversion of this game for the ZX Spectrum: The Legend of Traxtor (ZX).

Last updated Jun 12, 2022