The Legend of Traxtor (ZX)

This is a conversion to ZX Spectrum 48k of my entry for #gbjam 3 (The Legend of Traxtor), and my entry for October in my one game a month challenge.

Title screen In game screen


Default keys (can be redefined):

  • left: o
  • right: p
  • tractor beam: a
  • fire: q

Use backspace to exit the game.

Match 3 or more tiles to destroy them before they reach to your defence line!

Downloads (.tap & .tzx files inside).

If you don’t have the hardware, you can still play it in a ZX Spectrum emulator such as FUSE (Linux & Mac), Spectaculator (Windows) or USP (Android, can open the ZIP file).

You can also play it online thanks to Qaop/JS (external site).

Last updated Jun 29, 2018