The Return of Traxtor

This is a ZX Spectrum 48k game, sequel to The Legend of Traxtor.

Loading screen In game screen

YouTube review: The Return of Traxtor (RETRO HOMEBREW REPORT).


Default keys (can be redefined):

  • left: o
  • right: p
  • tractor beam: a
  • fire: q

Use backspace to exit the game, h to pause/resume.

How to play

Use the tractor beam to move blocks into the bay, and fire to throw back the top-most block.

Match 3 or more blocks to destroy them before they reach to your defence line.

You can throw more blocks into already exploding blocks and if the colour matches, it’ll score extra (combo).

When a block is not attached to the top of the playing area or to another block, it will fall. You can use that to help you to clear the board.

Wildcard blocks can be thrown to any block type and they will turn into that type.

When the board is cleared, you’ll get extra bonus points and immediately level up.

There are 25 levels!

Downloads (.tap & .tzx files inside).

If you don’t have the hardware, you can still play it in an emulator.

Last updated Jun 12, 2022