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This week in gamedev #3

It is Thursday, and this week most of my gamedev has been basically “admin”. But that’s OK because I’m very happy with my Gemini server –that just today got SNI support implemented–, so no complaints!

WIP of the cover

WIP of the cover

What I have today is mostly news regarding Brick Rick: graveyard shift.

First, the cover art by na_th_an (of the legendary Mojon Twins group) it is looking amazing already. I’m looking forward to see it in colour!

And secondly, the big news that the game will be published in the 499 range of

I know “The Future Was 8-Bit” for many years now. I’ve been customer –their hardware for our 8-bit machines is great–, and I like them personally. So I’m happy that Brick Rick is going to be available in cassette on a lovely budget range.

Is Graveyard Shift a budget game? I don’t know if that distinction makes sense any more in new 8-bit games (see that I didn’t say homebrew?), but I like the style and for this game I wanted to try something different to the big box releases I’ve had with Poly Play so far.

So that’s all for this week. Not a lot, but at least a good peek of what is coming!

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