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I was commenting recently the idea of digital gardens, and a bit after that I realised how easy would be to have my own.

This site is already some markdown files on a directory, so I added a sub-directory and some templates to make Hugo render them pretty –with a table of contents, for example–, and that was it.

So you can go to the notes section, and see how it looks. Currently there are a couple of things over there:

So is not that different to what I had when I was using vim-wiki –although I ended not using that one–, with the main difference being that when I update this website, the notes are made public.

The core idea behind a digital garden is learning in public, but in my case I think it is going to be more like an easy and quick way of publishing some work in progress content –a bit like a personal wiki–, or for those things where a blog post is not really the best format.

Time will tell if I keep using it!

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