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I am coding, season 2

Obviously, the part about it being the start of season 2 is a joke (isn’t it?), but I’ve uploaded a new video to my coding sessions.

I mentioned this in my latest weekly update, that I feel like recording a few of these, partially because some of the videos of my original experiment are OK and partially because they may work as motivation to keep working on my projects. Sharing my progress has always worked for me, not only because of the feedback –positive and negative–, but also because gamedev as a solo developer can be a bit lonely.

I have reviewed my OBS setup to make things look a better –and 1080p!–. I have only one screen, so it is awkward, but definitely better than the previous videos. Hopefully going back to make these periodically will help me to tweak my settings to improve the result, as opposed to making a video every few months and not remembering how things work –and that’s why the previous video back in January sounds terribly bad–. Not that is too important, considering that the content will be the same –me coding–.

Anyway, the direct link to the video is here: reidrac is CODING 22: working on Outpost (ZX Spectrum 48K). It is a bit over 1 hour, which is longer than planned; ideally I’d like to keep these around the 45 minutes mark.

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