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An E/N blog

So I was having a chat with my friend Oscar when he mentioned an old post on his blog linking to one of my posts in my old Spanish blog, that doesn’t exist any more. That led us to discuss broken links, and how things have changed in the blogosphere.

I took down my old blog last year after 18 years online, because I thought it was irrelevant and its old archive was kind of holding me back to write other things. So long story short, I started this blog and that’s where we are now. Besides there were some technical reasons for the change, because the old blog was running on an old and somewhat unmaintained stack –all my fault: a hand crafted blogging engine built on top of Tornado, with Python 2, and using Redis as storage; don’t ask me why!–.

Anyway, Oscar has also moved from his hand crafted blog engine (with Django, if I’m not mistaken), to an static site generator. But he has decided to port his old posts to the new blog, despite being a considerable amount of work.

It is an interesting problem, but we both concluded that, in reality, nobody cares about what we write or not in our blogs. And perhaps it is a thought for a different post, considering if anybody ever cared about our blogs –even if we had a different perception back in 2003 when we started writing–.

That conversation reminded me of this quote from E/N:

The website’s content means everything to the publisher, but it could mean nothing to the rest of the world.

Which basically sums up what is this blog, and perhaps any personal blog.

I write about things that I find interesting, useful, or are important to me. That might be useful to anyone visiting the blog, but is not essential!

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