(yet again) Falling Blocks

This is a “falling blocks” game (see Tetris or Columns) developed from scratch in a weekend to learn about Pyglet.

The mechanics are pretty much like in Columns, although blocks can’t be matched in diagonal (making the game a little bit more difficult).

If a joystick / gamepad is present it will be used instead of the keyboard.


In game screenshot

Use -f flag for full screen mode


Source code:

  • Python 2.7
  • Pyglet 1.2 (alpha1)
  • AVbin (version 11 recommended)

For further information (ie. controls) read the README file.

For the windows bundle, just uncompress the ZIP file and run ya-falling- blocks (or ya-fb-fullscreen to run the game in full screen mode).


Last updated Jun 12, 2022