Oraje Applet

This is a Gnome 2 (also known as “Classic Gnome”) applet to view Yahoo! Weather forecasts. Gnome 3 doesn’t support this kind of applet, so no further development is planned.

This application uses Yahoo! Weather feeds and it’s not endorsed or promoted by Yahoo! in any way.

In case you’re wondering, “Oraje” is a Spanish word that means “Weather”.

Oraje Applet 0.5

How to use it

Once installed, you can add it to your Gnome panel as any other applet.

Setting your location: the WOEID

Yahoo! Weather API doesn’t provide a way to find a location, so you have to browse Yahoo! Weather, find your location and get the number at the end of the URL. That’s your WOEID.

For example:


So according to that URL, the WOEID for Reading (UK) is 32997.


Final stable version is 0.5.1: CHANGES

Source code

OrajeApplet source code (hosted at GitHub)

Read README.md file for instructions.

Important: if you’re upgrading from <= 0.3, you may need to delete your old configuration file ($HOME/.config/OrajeAppletRC.json).

Fedora packages

Packages are signed with 0xEA112704 GPG key.

There are packages for Fedora 13 & 14: oraje-applet.repo (up to version 0.5)

Debian/Ubuntu packages

There is an experimental package for 0.5 release: python-orajeapplet_0.5-1_all.deb

It’s been tested in Debian 6.0 and it may work in Ubuntu too.

Last updated Jul 14, 2023