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Newsgroups may or may not be Usenet, it can also be an interface to online forums.


The easiest to look around, specially if is a server not in Usenet, is using lynx:

lynx news://

For a heavier use, I recommend:

  • Alpine is great for console –even if a bit complicated to configure–.
  • Thunderbird for GUI, specially if you are using it for email already.


I used for a while (read-only), until finally created an Eternal September account –not that I post often–.

Some interesting groups with occasional traffic:

  • alt.folklore.computers – wide range of topics, mostly computing.
  • – CRPG games, classic and sometimes new.
  • comp.infosystems.gemini – about the smolnet protocol.
  • – mews and discussion, all releated to the Internet (mostly).
  • comp.misc – what the name says!

I searched for FAQs for these, and I couldn’t find them.

You can read active therads on the web (and search for old messages) at NARKIVE.

Not Usenet

These three are connected and share groups:

Last updated Dec 15, 2023