Night Knight

This is a game targeting MSX computers with at least 16K of RAM.

In-game screen In-game screen

Sir Bernard is cursed. The only way he can get some sleep at night is by taking a long walk, which is not easy at all when you live in an enchanted castle!

Help the old knight to break the curse and get some rest by walking around the castle avoiding all the hostile creatures that inhabit the walls of Scarkeep.

Night Knight is a single-screen platformer with a strong classic arcade feel. Race against the clock to step over all the tiles in the room, pick up the key and exit through the door to the next stage.

The game has 80 stages and is NTSC and PAL compatible.


The game can be controlled with the keyboard cursor or a joystick. Select the control method on the menu screen by pressing space for cursor or the fire button for joystick.

Action Joystick Keyboard (cursor)
Move left Cursor left
Move right Cursor right
Jump fire Cursor up or Space

Press ‘STOP’ to pause/resume the game and show a valid password for current stage.

Press ESC to end the game.


  • The key: it appears after all the tiles on the screen have changed colour. It needs to be collected for the exit door to open and move to the next stage.
  • The sand clock: it resets the time, and this is very useful to complete some stages where the default time may not be enough.
  • The shield: when collected, it will protect the knight for one hit. It also provides of few seconds of immunity after being used, so it can be useful to get out of difficult situations.
  • The stopwatch: it stops the time for few seconds, freezing all the enemies and moving platforms on the stage. The enemies can still hurt Sir Bernard if they are touched.
  • The gems: there are a number of gems scattered all over the castle. They can be collected for extra points, a this is important because every 10,000 points sir Bernard will get an extra life (and you will need it).


  • The Undead: deceased that wander the dark corridors of the castle like they were still alive. They are not the smarter creatures, but that is understandable considering that they don’t have much of a brain. They walk up and down the same corridors all the time and are easy to avoid.
  • The Archers: these are the common guards of Scarekeep. They patrol a fixed area and will use their long bows to shoot arrows at you. A good strategy is to avoid their line of sight, or at least allow yourself some space to jump over the arrows.
  • The Dark Knight: this knight walks and jumps around in his shiny armor. They’re not confined to a specific area and will move freely in the stage. Be careful and be ready, because they may decide to jump to the platform you are in.
  • The Ghost: lost souls that fly around the castle. Walls can’t stop their ethereal presence and they’re difficult to avoid, so keep an eye on them all the time.
  • The Vampire: lord of the night, the vampire can change between two different forms: a walking humanoid and a flying giant bat, either way looking for victims to suck their blood. Watch out for the transformation, as you don’t want to be close when that happens.
  • The Wizard: this is a magic user that has the power to undo your progress. The wizard will turn floor tiles back to normal, which means that Sir Bernard will have to step over those tiles again to complete the stage. It is advisable to deal with the area covered by the wizard last because he will not change the colour of floor tiles once the key appears.
  • The Werewolf: half human, half wolf. The werewolf moves freely on the stage, and he can use his sharp senses to attack your from below when he perceives you on higher ground. You can use his instincts against himself by luring him to a platform and then getting out of his way using a quick route down.
  • The Witch’s Cat: a magic creature. The cat does as she pleases. She can move freely, moving up and down levels, by using magic. She changes platform quickly, so always be ready to jump aside when the cat is below, or above you!

Night Knight Collector’s Edition

The game is available on cartridge to play on a MSX computer.

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This game is powered by Arkos 2 Player by Targhan.

Version 1.0.3 (2019-05-18)

Night Knight (ROM, CAS and manual inside)

If you don’t have the hardware, you can still play it in an emulator.

Last updated Oct 21, 2023