OpenBSD on Compaq Armada 1573DM

my laptop

This is a *very* old laptop with the following specs:

CPU:Pentium MMX 266 Mhz
RAM:64 Mb
HDD:3 Gb
Video:Chips and Technologies 68554
Sound:dunno, 16 bit soundcard detected as SB
Other:2 PCMCIA slots, USB, 3.5" fdd 1.44 Mb, cdrom 20x, internal (win)modem

I'm running OpenBSD 3.7-RELEASE with GENERIC kernel.

I installed it with a ne card via FTP (realtek based 10 Mbps PCMCIA), so PCMCIA support works fine ;)

After the installation I tested a PRISM 2 WLAN based PCMCIA card and works perfectly with driver wi.

X Window System Version 6.8.2 ( works great 800x600 16 bpp (using old XF86Config, you don't need to rename the file).

apm support tested and working (apm and zzz).

Modem not tested at all.

I'm using this Xmodmap at $HOME/.Xmodmap in order to add spanish stuff to the english keyboard.

Known problems


dmesg, xorg.conf.

Other tests

Jun 2006 - Tested OpenBSD 3.9-RELEASE

The HDD access seems to be slower than 3.6-RELEASE, but I'm not sure. While installing ports the system it's very slow, may be it's related to changes in port management tools and the low memory of the laptop (only 64 MB).

Apr 2005 - Tested OpenBSD 3.6-CURRENT (snapshot 20050401)

All seems to work OK (this snapshot is after 3.7 release, ie. my ural card works and not in 3.7 release). I'm going back to RELEASE branch soon, but next 3.8 release looks promising!

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