I began playing guitar some time ago, most of the time alone. At some point playing alone started to be boring, so I recorded some backing tracks to improvise, although I never payed attention to the quality of the recordings.

Back in 2006 I moved to Bilbao and one of my flatmates turned out to be a multi-instrumentalist with some production skills. That was the Yey Yey & The Frikiband time. After I left Bilbao I’ve continued recording songs from time to time. This is a selection (best of!).

Released Song Original Author Notes
2013-07 It’s Alright Black Sabbath
2012-11 Down on Me The Cult
2012-10 Libre El Chaval de la Peca, Nino Bravo
2012-08 Moonage Daydream David Bowie
2012-07 No Prayer for the Dying Iron Maiden Incomplete
2012-06 Devil in the Details Placebo Voice: Alex
2012-05 Main Herz Brennt Rammstein Voice: Alex
2012-04 Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me U2 Voice: Alex
2012-04 Psycho Killer Talking Heads, Velvet Revolver Voice: Alex
2011-06 Aldershot One Original, CC BY-SA
2010-05 Sweet Salvation The Cult Last song before moving to UK
2008-03 Fly me to the Moon Frank Sinatra This was inspired by a commercial
2007-10 Man in the Box Alice in Chains
2007-07 Rockin’ in the Free World Neil Young Yey Yey & The Frikiband
2007-05 Ziggy Stardust David Bowie Yey Yey & The Frikiband
2007-04 Blackbird The Beatles Yey Yey & The Frikiband
2007-02 Knockin on Heaven’s Door Bob Dylan, Guns n’ Roses Yey Yey & The Frikiband
2006-10 Seven Seas of Rhye Queen Yey Yey & The Frikiband, unintended experiment

Feel free to do whatever you want with the songs, unless stated otherwise. For the covers, the original author retains the copyright. No infringement intended.

Last updated Jun 29, 2018