Dodgin' Diamond 2

Welcome to DD2 home page.

This is a little shoot’em up arcade game for one or two players. It aims to be an ‘old school’ arcade game with low resolution graphics, top-down scroll action, energy based gameplay and different weapons with several levels of power.

Final release (0.2.1 / 0.2.2) has following features:

  • Top-down arcade game.
  • One or two players.
  • Energy based gameplay (up to ten hits).
  • Music and sound where available.
  • Three different weapons with five levels of power.
  • Companion bot.
  • Shield cells.
  • 2 stages (with final boss).
  • Full joystick support (one or two joysticks).

DD2 must be distributed under the GNU Public License.


From release 0.1:

shot1 shot2 shot3

What’s new?

Oct 09 2013: Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado has submitted DD2 to OpenBSD’s ports system!

May 18 2012: Christoffer Rehn has ported DD2 to TI-Nspire calculator. Graphics have been replaced (actually improved!). Very cool port, thanks Christoffer!

Dec 20 2008: Sami Vuori has ported DD2 to Nokia 9210 and 9210i phone models. Thanks you Sami!

Apr 23 2008: I have reports of a port of DD2 to Jornada 720 palmtop (arm-linux) (there’s a shot). It has some changes: first player’s fire is now space and second player’s fire is now g. Music doesn’t work but sound does!

Sep 19 2007: Oh, DD2 has been ported to Symbian UIQ3 :o.

Aug 15 2007: I’ve re-released the source package. I forgot to update configure script. Excuse me for the inconvenience.

Aug 14 2007: I’ve released DD2 0.2.2 with just licensing changes. DD2 was GPL ‘version 2 only’ and now allows any later version. That change is to be compatible with LGPL version 3, and only affects the source code release.

May 01 2007: Hans de Goede told me by mail that DD2 it’s available for Fedora Core 5, 6 and development since Nov 16 2006.

Apr 18 2006: DD2 hits Debian! You can get it from unstable (obviously).

Mar 22 2006: Miguel Ángel (aka Wild[Kyo]) has ported DD2 to GP2X!

Nov 27 2005: Denis Televnyy has ported DD2 to PSP!

Oct 31 2005: keep on porting! Thanks to Tony Aksnes now you can play DD2 for AmigaOS4.

Oct 09 2005: Oh! DD2 ported to GP32! You can download source code too. Thanks to A600 (guys, send me your real name). Well, how many ports so far?

Sep 11 2005: Andreas Peters has ported DD2 to OS/2!

Oct 9 2004: Quzar did a kewl port of DD2 to Dreamcast!

Jul 2 2004: New release! DD2 0.2.1 is out. It has several fixes and improved joystick support. Check NEWS file.

Jun 25 2004: I’ve removed old versions and now only 0.2 (current) is available to downloading. I allow direct linking to the packages, but seems a site is linking to 0.0.3. Please, keep your links updated. If you’re interested in a old version (I cannot see why), let me know.

May 21 2004: I cannot explain it, but seems now I’m not stalled with the graphics :D I’m not a gfx artist, really! I’ve released DD2 0.2 with stages 1 and 2 ready (final boss included).

Joystick support seems to work now but I need your feedback!

May 15 2004: I’m stalled with the graphics :( I’m not a gfx artist! However I’ve released DD2 0.1 with many improvements. Have fun!

Dec 29 2003: I’ve removed the mirror for downloading. ISP changes :(. Btw, I’m still alive and working in the 0.1 release of DD2. I have stage one almost ready, but I’m working in a gfx rewrite.

May 07 2003: I’ve added the project to, so you can subscribe to new releases thanks to the nice service gently provides.

May 01 2003: Version 0.0.3 released! I’m about to finish game engine. After the game engine it’s OK, I’ll add more stages.

Mar 30 2003: Release 0.0.2 is out! I’ve enabled experimental joystick support (that time is true), menu and basic configuration screen (you cannot configure keys yet).

Mar 13 2003: First public release 0.0.1 is out!


I only provide the source code for UNIX systems and binaries for Win32. Porting the game and contributing binaries would be greatly appreciated.

You can check the changes from previous versions at DD2’s ChangeLog.


dd2-0.2.2.tar.gz: download

Required to build: SDL 1.2.x and SDL_Mixer. You can find both needed libraries at SDL’s site.

Win32 download

This binary release it’s ready to run. Of course you’ll need an unzip program and a Win32 based system.

Contributed binaries and known ports

I’m not related to those binaries or ports. In most systems the source should work out-of-the-box, but you may want to try one of those links.


  • There are RPM binaries for Red Hat/Fedora available to download at DAG, thanks to Dries Verachtert. Since Nov 18 2006 it’s included in Fedora Core 5, 6 and development.
  • You can get binaries for Debian (just apt-get install dodgindiamond2), thanks to Gürkan Sengün. It is also available for Ubuntu.
  • DD2 has been ported to Jornada 720 palmtop, and you can get binaries for arm-linux. It may work with other arm-linux based palmtops, with keyboard problems. Thanks to Zear for this port.


Game Console


  • DD2 0.0.1 has been reported to work on Solaris 8/9 UltraSparc.
  • DD2 (0.0.3 at least) has been ported to MorphOS (PPC).
  • DD2 0.2 has been reported to work on MAC OS X (10.3.4), but some hacking needed because SDL’s page flipping is unsupported on Mac OS X (this may be fixed, dunno).
  • DD2 0.2.1 has been ported to OS/2 and eComStation by Andreas Peters. Andreas may have OS/2 binaries ready to download.
  • DD2 0.2.1 has been ported to AmigaOS4 by Tony Aksnes. You may find AmigaOS4 binaries ready to download at
  • DD2 has been ported to Symbian UIQ. You may find binaries and the source code for IUQ3 here.
  • DD2 has been ported to Nokia 9210 and 9210i phone models by Sami Vuori. You may find binaries for Nokia here.
  • DD2 has been ported to TI-Nspire calculator by Christoffer Rehn. You may find binaries and the source code here.


You can find my personal page at

Last updated Jul 16, 2023