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Streaming killed the YouTube star

You have al the info at @reidrac is CODING, but basically I tried streaming a couple of my coding sessions on Twitch, and I liked it!

The way I’m looking at it is different than what I used to do in YouTube (and these are the videos so far): my “off-line” sessions are videos to keep in the channel, while in Twitch is more about sharing my programming session as they happen –currently I’m not keeping the videos, although I may keep some that are specially good to get a bit more attention–.

What I would like to get from these sessions? Good question!

First and foremost, finishig my current game –or whatever is the project I’m coding on, it won’t always be 8-bit gamedev–. If Twitch helps me with motivation and, in a way, to gamify the development process –like sharing progress on Twitter–, that’s great. One of the hardest things of gamedev is being persistent, because making a game is a long road, and until you get to the end… there’s no game!

Secondly, 8-bit gamedev is kind of lonely activity as in it is very unlikely I chat about it with anyone in “real life”, so I’m curious to see how will it work the community part of a streaming channel –which initially will be none, because nobody will watch my sessions–.

I was joking on the title of this post –see the Buggles song–, and I plan this to be non-stress and it will last as long as I feel like doing it. I won’t have the webcam and/or the microphone on if I’m not alone or it isn’t quiet enough around me –I don’t have dedicated office space at home–, and it is unlikely I will be able to schedule the streams in advance: I will code as I usually do, with the difference that I will be streaming it.

My Twitch channel is MrReidrac –because my reglar nickname was taken!–.

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