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Micro is public

This is a short announcement: I have made “Micro”, my toy programming language, public and it is available here: Micro @

It is finished, but not as finished as I planned originally. I knew building an interpreter and a compiler was a lot of work, but I also made the audacity to build my own thing as I was learning how to make an interpreter, refresh my Go, and on top of all that, my own thing wasn’t easy at all!

Micro is a statically typed programming language, and I was reading the most excellent Crafting Interpreters, that guides you in the journey of building an interpreter for a language that is dynamically typed, which means that I was pretty much on my own in a lot of things I had to write.

Besides, what I really wanted to write was a compiler targeting one 8-bit micro (likely the Z80), and I basically spent too much time dealing with the interpreter implementing things that it was very unlikely I could make happen in the compiler for the target CPU (e.g. closures, or recursive tail call optimizations).

Anyway, I’m very happy with the result and this is, with difference, the best of my toy programming languages. I’m proud of what I have accomplished and I think I’m better prepared to start a more focused project with more chances of success.

I don’t discard playing a bit more with Micro, but it is a bit unrealistic for a first project, so I’m happy to close this chapter for now.

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