Simple Forth Interpreter

Welcome to the SFI website. The Simple Forth Interpreter (SFI in short) is a Java™ implementation of a little subset of the ANS Forth language.

The goal of SFI is to develop a small interpreter to be embedded in any application and provide scripting functionality with low resources.

SFI follows the ANS Forth standard where reasonably possible, provides a simple way by inheritance to customize and integrate the interpreter in any existing application and a simple interface to play with the Forth code.

Why Forth? The interpreter it's pretty simple and small, it's an easy to learn language and the 'extend with user defined words' fits quite well the idea of a language for scripting purposes.

About Forth


The Simple Forth Interpreter is an Open Source project that must be used an distributed according the SFI License.

Final release SFI 1.0 (2004-03-25 ChangeLog)

Previous releases:

SFI 1.0 RC1 (2004-02-07)

SFI 1.0 RC0 (2004-02-02)

SFI development is over. You can get latest development snapshot: sfi_20040610.tar.gz.

Contributed code and packages

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